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Marcie Roe

Fantasy Writer

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Book Reviews

Marcie loves reading new stories. Here are a few of her most recent favorites.

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Here you can keep updated on Marcie’s projects.

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Short Stories

Flash fiction and short stores written by Marcie. Sign up to receive content in your inbox.

Marcie Roe

Marcie Roe has always preferred the written word to the spoken word. She has been writing brief stories since she was in middle school. She would write stories instead of taking notes in class.

A high school teacher encouraged to become an author. She didn’t listen to her back then, but she is now. Her current project is out for edits and reviews and will be published at the beginning of the new year.

Marcie is a homeschooling mom and wife. She recently graduated from college to become a teacher for Technology and Engineering but the COVID-19 pandemic changed her plans and she begin writing again.

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